Our Legacy

At Gibson Insurance Group, our legacy is not just a chronicle of time; it’s a testament to the values, expertise, and unwavering commitment that have defined one name for four generations. Over 100 years ago, Omah Gibson and his brothers moved down from Alabama with their values and a vision. On this alone, they quickly took over the South East and built a reputation that would last for generations – they work harder, they care more. 

We carry forward these values, this torch of trust lit by our predecessors…adding experience and innovation as the legacy continued through the decades. Our legacy is not a tale of the past; it’s a promise for the future. As we continue on this journey, our  commitment remains steadfast – to honor our ancestors with dedication to those core, family values that turned a name into a legacy.

Our Mission

Empowering Your Peace of Mind Through Exceptional Service

At Gibson Insurance Group, our mission is simple: to empower our clients with unparalleled peace of mind by delivering exceptional insurance services. Rooted in our multi-generational legacy, our mission shapes every interaction, decision, and service we offer.

Client-Centric Approach

Our mission revolves around you – our valued clients. With a client-centric approach, we tailor solutions to your unique needs, ensuring transparency and alignment with your objectives.

Unwavering Commitment

Our commitment extends beyond policies; its about building lasting relationships through proactive guidance and unwavering support.

 Innovation and Excellence

Driven by innovation, we constantly seek new ways to enhance our services. Our mission includes staying at the forefront of the industry, anticipating shifts, and embracing technological advancements to provide you with cutting-edge solutions. 


Why Choose Us

Our Ethos

Putting you first, always.


Committed to your satisfaction, every step.


Seasoned knowledge at your service.


Building relationships through reliability.

Join Us on this Journey

At Gibson Insurance Group, our story is a continuous expedition, shaped by our heritage, commitments, and the relationships that we build with not just you but our community. Join us in shaping the chapters ahead, where your needs continue to be the compass guiding our narrative. Together, we’ll forge ahead, safeguarding what matters most to you. Together, we thrive.